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DNN6 Modules
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Module Source Type Description Developer Site ID
Active Forums Get it here Purchase A highly recommended Forum Module Active Modules Site Link 24
Advanced Articles Get it here Purchase Flexible articles, announcements, news module. Fully custom defined, templage based, display format and much more. Inven Manager Site Link 237
Advanced Data Grid Get it here Free SQL Report grid. Sort columns, send to Excel and more Efficion Site Link 51
anaii News Module Get it here Free Anaii news module is Multilingual, multi template token replacement module giving view of one or a list of news sorted by categories and publishing chronology. Using this module you can get all the functionality you need in order to publish, sort and manage your portal news. Nemanja Alavanja Site Link 276
Articles Get it here Subscribe Outstanding News Articles Module and great functionality. Recommended by TMMworld, this module continues to improve with ongoing enhancements. Ventrian Systems Site Link 2
Articles Module Get it here Free Enhanced Announcements Module Efficion Site Link 52
Auto Anchor and Content Accordion Get it here Purchase Struggling with your site’s layout? This amazing module allows you to easily present the contents of your site in an engaging and professional way. Here’s a single solution that allows you to enter content in two unique ways: in a content accordion... DNNTuned Site Link 288
Auto Dealer Get it here Purchase Auto Dealer - Auto listings module Dot Net Jedi Site Link 189
Bugnet Link Get it here Free Links stuff (e.g. forum threads) in your portal to Bugnet bugs. This way you can give people feedback on what the status is of the issue. Bring2mind Site Link 227
Business Directory Get it here Purchase Business Directory Module.... tell them that TMMworld sent you. :) Dot Net Jedi Site Link 190
Carousel Get it here Purchase 3D Collection of Carousels, Stack, Cube, Galleries and more. This is a complete package, but you can also purchase individual components. mediaAnt Site Link 263
Chat Get it here Purchase Swirl AJAX Chatroom by Swirlhost. Swirlhost Site Link 87
Chat Get it here Free Excellent Chat Module - AJAX and WebService. iMesser Site Link 126
Child Links Get it here Subscribe Navigation module for displaying child pages underneath the current page. Automatically generate list of child pages. Ventrian Systems Site Link 1
Classifieds Get it here Purchase Classified Ads Module Dot Net Jedi Site Link 136
Clock Get it here Purchase MyDNN CLock. An analog or Digital Clock MyDNN Site Link 241
Contact Manager Get it here Purchase Advanced Contacts manager module DNN-Modules Site Link 32
Content Rotator Get it here Subscribe Rotate content between authenticated and unauthenticated users, with an option to only show it once. Ventrian Systems Site Link 182
Content Rotator Get it here Purchase Content Rotator Module for lets you rotate any type of content. MexMax-Internet Site Link 271
Contests Get it here Purchase digContest is a module which allows you to run contests on your site. You can run several types of contests: Dignuke Site Link 260
Dig Rotate Get it here Purchase digRotate allows you to easily rotate content in your DotNetNuke portal. You can display content in 4 ways! DigNuke Site Link 258
DNN Course Gradebook 2.0.1 Get it here Free A course gradebook module where an individual can share grades with students and maintin overall course grades. Iowa Computer Gurus Site Link 174
DNN Guestbook 2.2.0 Get it here Free A Guestbook module allowing for user comments with a fully templatable view. The guestbook display can be localized using standard DNN localization Iowa Computer Gurus Site Link 172
DNN Text/HTML Deniable 2.0.0 Get it here Free A deniable version of the Text/HTML module. This module introduces deny permission settings for the specific module instance Iowa Computer Gurus Site Link 175
DNN Weather Conditions Service 1.0 Get it here Free A module that can display current weather conditions for a desired location Iowa Computer Gurus Site Link 173
DNNBackup Get it here Purchase DNNBackup provides full backup, restore and clone functionality for any DotNetNuke Installation (complete DNN instances). The restore can be made back to the source server or to a new destination. Evotiva Site Link 277
DNNTuned Collection Get it here Purchase DNNTuned collection (4 modules) includes Drag and Drop Form Builder 2.5, Job Postings Pro, Quick Photo Gallery and Select a Link Menu Navigation. If purchased individually, all the modules will add up to $365.00 -- that's more than a 45% savings! DNNTuned Site Link 291
Document Exchange Get it here Purchase Powerful document management on DNN. This is an outstanding module, highly recommended by TMMworld. Bring2mind Site Link 222
Document Library Get it here Purchase Open-DocumentLibrary allows DotNetNuke users to share and manage documtens in a flexible, intelligent way, offering control over folders and document access. Xepient Site Link 199
Drag and Drop Form Builder 2.5 Get it here Purchase Imagine creating a new DNN form in minutes, without writing a single line of code. DNNTuned Form Builder 2.5 makes it easy for users at all skill levels to create customized contact forms, surveys, user feedback forms, event registrations or job... DNNTuned Site Link 281
Drag and Drop Form Builder with Payment Get it here Purchase Have you imagined creating DNN form within few minutes plus integration with PayPal, Google Checkout or Authorize.Net and without need for code writings? Collecting your online payments has been easier with this SnowCovered top 10 best selling form.. DNNTuned Site Link 282
Dynamic Career Forms Get it here Purchase Improve the hiring success process by building professional career forms with user-friendly interface. Use an easy search and filtering features to find the most suitable resume based on your search criteria. DNNTuned Site Link 280
Dynamic Forms Get it here Purchase In this day and age, knowing as much detailed information as possible about your customer, prospect or web site user is essential. Data Springs, Inc. Site Link 217
Dynamic Registration Get it here Purchase Customization for your user registration fields on DNN. Data Springs Site Link 200
email Newsletters Get it here Purchase Axon, an email Manager. Newsletters, Threaded CRM, List Servers and AutoResponders Onyaktech Site Link 250
Enterprise Forms Get it here Purchase An excellent forms tool, with complete and very flexible workflow functionality, search, and reporting. Ethuongmai Site Link 219
Events Calendar Get it here Purchase Events Calendar and Registration. Customizable, template based module with many excellent features. Trial version available. Inven Manager Site Link 236
Expandable Text/HTML Get it here Free Text/HTML Module that allows you to display multiple text items with a title and text, but allows users to expand and collapse the text within. Very nice for having larger text documents within a single module. Iowa Computer Gurus Site Link 215
FAQ Manager Get it here Purchase FAQ Module with extensive functionality Dot Net Jedi Site Link 105
Feedback Center Get it here Subscribe Allow users of the portal to provide feedback. Captures feedback and allows them to discuss or vote on suggestions. Ventrian Systems Site Link 183
Flash Get it here Free DigFlash is a FREE module that allows you to easily add a Flash .swf files to your DotNetNuke page. Dignuke Site Link 261
Flash Image Scatter Get it here Purchase A flash based module for displaying a set of images in a “scatter” type of animation. Configurable popups can display informational content about the image. Dignuke Site Link 259
Form Master Get it here Purchase Form Master 2008. A very good forms creation tool that also allows for mapping to a database table for adding records. Code 5 Systems Site Link 266
Forms H2O Get it here Purchase Forms builder with ability to build from a database and update. Onyaktech Site Link 169
Forms Module Get it here Free Helferlein Form is an excellent DNN Module that lets you create simple forms. Submission may be sent by email and/or stored in a database. Recommended by TMMworld! Helferlein Site Link 218
Forum Get it here Purchase Active Modules Forum Standard edition for use with DNN. Active Modules Site Link 206
Galleries Get it here Purchase The modules 3D Gallery V1 & V2 allow you to create impressive image galleries and product presentations in only a few minutes. MediaANT Site Link 255
Gallery Get it here Subscribe Simple Gallery, an excellent gallery module to manage Photos and display thumbnails. Multiple galleries, and very easy to use! TMMworld recommended! Ventrian Systems Site Link 5
Geo Locator Get it here Purchase Geo Locator allows you to search for people or locations near them by entering a zip code. The search returns User Profiles from Roles you specify that are within a set range of miles/kilometers from the zip code they enter. Onyaktech Site Link 247
Host Commander Get it here Purchase A host specific module for system scheduled jobs, portal statistics, users online (Live), global time chart, site logs, server logs and much more. Onyaktech Site Link 252
Idea Sharing Get it here Purchase It is a new and enhanced module for social networks or internal communications. Admin or registered users can post their ideas while the end users can select the like/dislike icon and add comments. The admin is able to remove ideas and filter them by... DNNTuned Site Link 286
IWork Get it here Free Module to keep account of clients, projects, and hours worked on those projects. Make invoices, etc. Bring2mind Site Link 228
Job Postings Get it here Purchase Use the Job Postings module to steer applicants to openings in their field, while helping internal staff to arrange your organization’s open jobs by department. DNNTuned Site Link 285
Job Postings Pro Get it here Purchase Improve the hiring success process by building professional job forms with user-friendly interface. Use an easy search and filtering features to find the most suitable resume based on your search criteria. It is an easy-to-use DNN module for job... DNNTuned Site Link 283
Live Chat Get it here Purchase SigmaLive. Allows you to engage in a 1-to-1 or many to many chat with your web site visitors in real-time with DotNetNuke integration. Onyaktech Site Link 251
Live Content 3 Get it here Purchase A must have module for your DNN site. Very powerful and highly recommended (User on most TMMworld sites). Version 3 is for DotNetNuke version 5. Mandeeps Site Link 275
Localization Editor Get it here Free Coordinate the translation of your module. Decide who edits what including full version control. Bring2mind Site Link 223
Markit SlideShow Get it here Purchase Markit SlideShow is a powerful SlideShow module for DotNetNuke used to display your featured articles, stories or products as an image, content or existing module like Yahoo! Movies MSN Movies or CNet.com. MarkitModules Site Link 235
Media Gallery Get it here Purchase Ultra Media Gallery. A complete internet picture gallery and mdeia gallery solution.. BizModules Site Link 129
Media Galley Get it here Purchase Multi Media Gallery Pro. Easy to setup media gallery module for pictures, video, or a mix. SLDNN Site Link 267
Menu Get it here Purchase SW.Menu is an excellent module for adding any virtical or horizontal menu to your site. Dynamic from your DNN menu and/or manually as you need. Create the style sheet enties on your portal, such as for button images, and from there it is easy. TMMworld recommended SeeleyWare Site Link 272
My Contacts Get it here Purchase My Contacts. A robust Contact module for DotNetNuke that allows you to store contact information at a global community level or at a personalized level with full customization. Onyaktech Site Link 249
Notify License Download Get it here Free The Notify License Download module is a DotNetNuke module designed to ensure that users agree to a set of terms and conditions prior to downloading a specific document from your site. Iowa Computer Guru Site Link 230
Outlook Contacts Get it here Purchase Syncronize your Contacts on Outlook with DNN Onyaktech Site Link 147
PayPal Store Get it here Purchase PayPal Store Standard, and PayPal Store List Module Dot Net Jedi Site Link 104
PDF Reports Get it here Purchase a report writing module for DNN that allows you to view your DNN data (via SQL Statements) in PDF format. Onyaktech Site Link 149
Photo Gallery Get it here Free A powerful and yet simple module to display photos Oliver Hine Site Link 246
Pop-N-Go Get it here Free Pop-N-Go is a DotNetNuke module designed to present the user with a modal dialog window with a prompt and one or more navigation actions. Iowa Computer Gurus Site Link 231
Portal Sign Up Get it here Purchase Setup a community of portals where users can create their own portals and optionally pay you a fee using PayPal subscriptions. Onyaktech Site Link 150
Portal Store Get it here Purchase Portal Store E-Commerce Management Systems for DNN DNN-Modules Site Link 40
Private Messages Get it here Subscribe Module for sending and receiving messages between users. Terrific module, and includes a notifications module that can be placed anywhere on the site so users see they have a message. Ventrian Systems Site Link 3
Property Agent Get it here Subscribe Easily customize the module for any type of property posting such as cars, real estate, electronics, classified ads and much more. Also download the free templates after you get the module. TMMworld recommended! TMMworld can create templates for you also. Ventrian Systems Site Link 184
Questionnaire Get it here Free Renders questionnaire based off XML definition. Bring2mind Site Link 224
Quick Photo Gallery Get it here Purchase Do you want to display your products’ photo album on your front page to impress your visitors? Want a simple and quick tool to display your company’s outings images? This user-friendly module allows you in few seconds to upload images and assign rich... DNNTuned Site Link 294
Quotes Get it here Subscribe Random Quotes can be added updated and displayed Ventrian Systems Site Link 4
Real Estate Get it here Purchase Real Estate Listings Module Dot Net Jedi Site Link 91
Reporting Service Get it here Purchase SQL Reporting Service allows you to interface your DotNetNuke portal with Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 or 2008 reporting services. Module Masters Site Link 268
Review Pro Get it here Purchase Review Pro from mediaANT. A variety of options available for ratings and reviews. mediaANT Site Link 265
Scheduled SQL Jobs Get it here Free The Scheduled SQL Jobs module is a Host level module designed to allow DotNetNuke users to configure a set of known performance optimizing SQL scripts on a scheduled basis. Iowa Computer Gurus Site Link 232
Select A Link Menu Navigation Get it here Purchase The module makes it easy to add the accessibility of a drop down menu to any DNN website. The menu options are endless, including internal and external web sites links in the same menu. With few steps, you can even sort the links and disable or... DNNTuned Site Link 290
Shout Box Get it here Subscribe Allows users of your portal to shout (chat) between each other. Post messages to others, also known as a TagBoard. Fun little module your users will love. Ventrian Systems Site Link 185
SigmaPro Get it here Purchase CRM, Support, Projects and Help Desk Module and more Onyaktech Site Link 45
Simple Downloads Get it here Free Provide users with downloads that are on your server. Includes basic security features. Bring2mind Site Link 225
Smith Cart Get it here Purchase Simply the most user friendly and feature rich shopping cart module for DotNetNuke on the market today. SEO friendly and easy to configure will get you up and running fast! Smith Consulting Site Link 274
SQL View Get it here Free Simple module to view SQL queries DNN Stuff Site Link 68
Store Get it here Purchase DNN Spots Shopping Cart. A simple, easy to use online store module. DNNspot Site Link 273
Store - Catalook Get it here Purchase Excellent eCommerce store module, and very powerful. Shopping carts, product catalogs, Shipping calculations, handle any produtct, downloads, subscriptions and much more. By far, the stongest eCommerce module available for DNN. TMMworld Recommended Catalook Site Link 201
Store (NB_Store) Get it here Free E-Commerce / Catalog Module by Nevoweb. It supports multiple languages, complete customization through templates, and much more. Available through Codeplex.com (TMMworld recommended) Nevoweb Site Link 264
Subscription Tools Get it here Subscribe Truly the best module for settingup and handling subscrptions. Accept payments and automatically add to the associated role. TMMworld recommended! Ventrian Systems Site Link 6
Tabs - Live Tabs Get it here Purchase Live Tabs Module by Mandeep. An excellent module for tabs on your pages for content and even other modules. Mandeeps Site Link 270
Tagger Get it here Purchase The Tagger module allows you to Tag any content, anywhere in your DotNetNuke portal, iFinity Software Site Link 254
Tell A Friend Get it here Free This is a great way to get people to share your site information with others, simply drop it on a page and you can configure the marketing text to suit your needs on a module basis Iowa Computer Gurus Site Link 233
Text/HTML Replacement Tool Get it here Free This module allows you to search for and then replace any string across all text/html module instances of your DNN-based website. In a wizard-like fashion, the module presents string search results in a table, listing the module ID, module title and a link to the page of the respective text/html module before committing any replacements to the database. Iowa Computer Gurus Site Link 229
URL Master Get it here Purchase iFinity Url Master, the total Url rewriting solution iFinity Software Site Link 253
Video Gallery Get it here Purchase Ultra Video Gallery module. Add videos in various formats, buy admin or users and setup pages similar to YouTube. BizModules Site Link 128
Vista Gadgets Get it here Purchase You can monitor your users, sales, projects and support all without opening a browser. Onyaktech Site Link 248
Weather Zone Get it here Free Weather Module for your DNN Portal Elphick Site Link 154
Weathr Module Get it here Free Weather from Weather.com XML Feed Oliver Hine Site Link 67
Web Requester Get it here Free Run SQL statements periodically and have web requests made based on the result of those queries. Bring2mind Site Link 226
WebCam Get it here Free WebCam Module Lite is Free get ful version also Tarrantit Site Link 99
Where Are They? Get it here Subscribe Show where on-line users and visitors are within your site... Where are they now? TMMworld recommended! Ventrian Systems Site Link 7
XMod Get it here Purchase Talk about Power this might do it for you! Enables you to create solutions that meet the unique needs of your site. DNNDev Site Link 47
Your IP Get it here Free Display IP of client machine Elphick Site Link 153
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