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Dotnenuke Fresh Install
Last Post 09 May 2007 09:46 PM by jhogan. 2 Replies.
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16 Jan 2007 07:09 PM  

:w00t: This is a walk through on how to install DOTNETNUKE.

1. Create a directory in an Inetpub Directory- Name it something close to domain name.C://inetpub

2. Make sure that directory has network service permission setup. Right Click Folder you made>Properties>add new permission>type NETWORK SERVICE>hit ok. add checks to the boxes for that service hit apply ok.

3. Download DNN dnn.com login register if you already don’t have login to download section and download version.

4. Unzip and put the files into the Directory you created.

5. Go to IIS right click my computer>Properties>IIS>right click websites>create new site>name it something related to what you’re doing>make sure to put ip in don’t leave unassigned>browse to directory you made.

6. Creating a domain or adding domain host header to website. Open up DNS management create a wild card or a host A record. Once done with that right click site>properties>advanced>and add your domain host header here. Also see our hosting helper for content and set-up process

7. Go back to the directory you make and you should see a host.config or release.config file in there. Open with edit plus and put what you’re going to name your database and username and password for database and IP of database instead of (local). After make sure the file is renamed web.config.

8. Creating the Database.

a. Open SQL enterprise manager

b. Figure out where you want the database installed

c.   Right click on database and create new database.

d. Name your database whatever you named it in your web.config file

e. After you created the database create a user for the database-also whatever you put in your web.config file. This will allow access from the website to the database you setup.

9. Browse to your domain name or sub domain   and you should get a dotnetnuke installer.

10. Browse to your portal login as host and top right corner click user account and change password.

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16 Jan 2007 07:17 PM  
you need to add the items about creating a seperate app-pool and a local user account instead of the network-service account.
Ex; if the domain you are adding is dnn33.ne1frim.com, you should create an app-pool called dnn33.ne1frim.com and and a user called dnn33ne1frimcom_web and add it to the "iss_wpg" group and the "helm" if it is a helm server...
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09 May 2007 09:46 PM  
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